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Celbiologisch/Microscopisch Analist
14032_-_falw_celbiologisch_microscopisch_analist.pdf (139.4 KB)

Marie Curie training position
APPLICATIONCODE: IESR5 - VUA - The extended DISC1 interactome

Marie Curie training position
APPLICATIONCODE: IESR6 –VUA - Functional analysis of SCZ genes by high content screening

CognitionNet FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN-607508

The Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive research (www.cncr.nl) VU University Amsterdam has 14 Marie Curie training positions available. These positions are for a period of 36 months*, according to the general application and eligibility rules described below. Successful participation in the CognitionNet training program, in which all (obligatory) activities are attended, will result in a CognitionNet certificate. Furthermore, the research project is aimed at defending a thesis and obtaining a PhD degree from the VU University Amsterdam.

General application rules:
The free-format application should contain the following appendices:
•     Mention the Application Code on your motivational letter
•    A curriculum vitae, incl. a list of publications
•    Courses & grades of Master and Bachelor degree, including proof of a 120 ECTS Master       education
•     A motivational letter in which the applicant describes his or her motivation to pursue
      postgraduate studies and to conduct the research project applied for

Eligibility criteria:
•    Candidates can only apply when they have been in the Netherlands for a maximum of 12
     months in the 3 years prior to enrolment (compulsory national service and/or short stays such as
     holidays are not taken into account)
•    Candidates should have less than 4 years of research experience (full-time equivalent research
     experience**) and have not yet been awarded a doctorate degree
•    Candidates have followed Bachelor and Master education, in which the Master was at least 120
     ECTS, and which included a 60 ECTS part of research education
•    Check further the specific requirements for each individual project

Mail your application to: hrm@sylics.com
Please mention the application code in subject line!

*Project CESR3 is for 32 months, but additional funding is requested from private sponsors

**Full-time equivalent research experience is measured from the date when a researcher obtained the degree which would formally entitle him or her to embark on a doctorate, either in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country in which the researcher is recruited or seconded, irrespective of whether or not a doctorate is or was ever envisaged.

List of Fellows’ individual projects for a period of 36 months *

Application Code: CESR1 - Team: Jan van Weering
Synaptic morphology and function in cognitive disorder models cesr1_synaptic_morphology_and_function_in_cognitive_disorder_models.pdf (20.4 KB)

Application Code CESR3 - Team: Mark Verheijen
Glial modulation of cognitive function
cesr3_glial_modulation_of_cognitive_function.pdf (20.87 KB)

Application Code CESR4 - Team: Sabine Spijker & Ka Wan Li
Molecular pathway of cognition and cognitive deficits
cesr4_molecular_pathway_of_cognition_and_cognitive_deficits.pdf (11.21 KB)

Application Code CESR5 - Team: Sophie van der Sluis
Genetic interactions and phenotypic processes in cognitive (dis)ability
cesr5_genetic_interactions_and_phenotypic_processes_in_cognitive_ability.pdf (20.98 KB)

Application Code CESR6 - Team: Ruud Toonen
Retrograde signalling in homeostatic synaptic plasticity
cesr6_retrogarde_signalling_in_homeostatic_synaptic_plasticity.pdf (11.7 KB)

Application Code CESR7 - Team: Rhiannon Meredith
Inhibitory control of immature networks in Neurodevelopmental disorders
cesr7_inhibitory_control_of_immature_networks_in_neurodevelopmental_disorders.pdf (11.46 KB)

Application Code CESR8 - Team: Sander Groffen
The role of CNV hotspots in autism and intellectual disability
cesr8_the_role_of_cnv_hotspots_in_autism_and_intellectual_disability.pdf (11.49 KB)

Application Code CESR9 - Team: Ronald van Kesteren
The aging synapse
cesr9_the_aging_synapse.pdf (19.9 KB)

Application Code CESR12 - Team: Huib Mansvelder
Cholinergic control of attention
cesr12_cholinergic_control_of_attantion.pdf (20.42 KB)

Application Code CESR13
Neuronal circuitry of addiction memory - Team: Michiel van den Oever
cesr13_neuronal_circuitry_of_addiction_memory.pdf (20.13 KB)

Application Code CESR14 - Team: Sabine Spijker
Neuronal circuitry of cognition
cesr14_neuronal_circuity_of_cognition.pdf (20.21 KB)

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